Offline Mode Of Android Apps

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I presented this talk in droid con London 2017. Here are the slides for download. You can also watch the entire talk on skillcasts. Agenda of the talk: Why Offline mode?  What it takes to build an offline mode Offline mode Architecture Network factors that can affect your application Testing… Read more »

Why your android application needs awareness api

Google introduced android awareness api in I/O 16. It offers a lot of awesome features which can make your android application better and improve the user experience. Awareness API is a combination of two APIs Fence API Snapshot API Fence API This API is an enhancement over geofencing. It can call a… Read more »

Prevent push on red build with the help of gocd_pre_push

An agile team delivers their software as and when they are ready with a small feature or user feedback. This is achieved with the help of Continuos integration and Continuos Delivery. The idea is whenever you make any change to your software, there is a continuos integration environment that checks… Read more »