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Closure in Ruby

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What is Closure? A closure is a function or a method or a block in case of ruby which has an environment/scope of its own and that environment/scope can have local variables, bindings which can be used at the place where that function is getting executed. What is closure in ruby? In… Read more »

nokogiri ERROR Failed to build gem native extension on MAC

During bundle install, a lot of time we use to get following error because of nokogiri gem. This error generally occur on MAC OSX. There are few other gems as well which throw the same error like pg, rmagic etc. But the way we resolve this problem is same for most… Read more »

Cucumber and calabash for android app testing

This article will cover how cucumber and calabash can be used for android testing. Code used in this post can be found on github using following urls. Android App Functional Test Step The app which we are going to test has only two screens. Item List Screen – Default screen… Read more »

Set up automation environment using cucumber and capybara

This article is about setting up automation environment using cucumber and capybara from scratch with minimal configuration and the code. For this tutorial I have created a sample project and code for that is available here on github. We will start from nothing and build eventually. So lets start Directory structure for cucumber… Read more »