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What happens when android screen rotates?

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Rotating the android device changes the device configuration. Android replaces the current resources with the best suited resources for that screen orientation. Thats why when we add a resource in android we add different versions of that resource. For example an image can be added in four formats(hdpi, mdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi). The… Read more »

Android Instrumentation Testing Using Espresso

Hello Folks, This is my second article on Android Instrumentation testing. My previous instrumentation testing article was about testing a list view with core instrumentation (without any external library or framework). In this I am going to discuss the Espresso framework which I use for android instrumentation testing. I have also recored… Read more »

MVP in android

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Hello Folks, In this article we will discuss what is MVP in android and how we can use it to make our code better organised and unit/integration tested (video series on android instrumentation testing). There are mainly three components involved in MVP pattern Model, View and Presenter. Lets discuss about… Read more »

Schedule local notification in android

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Hello Folks, In this tutorial we will discuss how we can schedule local notification in android. Its a super easy job and involves few android components. I have created a demo project for this tutorial you can find it on github. Components involved to schedule local notification in android BroadCastReceiver… Read more »