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Offline Mode Of Android Apps

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I presented this talk in droid con London 2017. Here are the slides for download. You can also watch the entire talk on skillcasts. Agenda of the talk: Why Offline mode?  What it takes to build an offline mode Offline mode Architecture Network factors that can affect your application Testing… Read more »

Why your android application needs awareness api

Google introduced android awareness api in I/O 16. It offers a lot of awesome features which can make your android application better and improve the user experience. Awareness API is a combination of two APIs Fence API Snapshot API Fence API This API is an enhancement over geofencing. It can call a… Read more »

apkToJava – Gem to convert apk file to java code

Hello Friends, Here I am with another cool ruby gem(apkToJava, github url) which will help you to improve your productivity while working on android project. This gem can convert apk file to java code and open it in a friendly GUI. Steps followed to convert apk file to java code… Read more »