Schedule local notification in android

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Hello Folks, In this tutorial we will discuss how we can schedule local notification in android. Its a super easy job and involves few android components. I have created a demo project for this tutorial you can find it on github. Components involved to schedule local notification in android BroadCastReceiver… Read more »

MediaMagic: Convert any media file into encoded string or vice-versa

This gem is  written with the intention of converting any kind of file into encoded string or vice versa. The code is available on github. Possible use cases: Store an image in database Store a video in database Store an audio in database(In short you can store *.* file in… Read more »

Closure in Ruby

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What is Closure? A closure is a function or a method or a block in case of ruby which has an environment/scope of its own and that environment/scope can have local variables, bindings which can be used at the place where that function is getting executed. What is closure in ruby? In… Read more »