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Prevent push on red build with the help of gocd_pre_push

An agile team delivers their software as and when they are ready with a small feature or user feedback. This is achieved with the help of Continuos integration and Continuos Delivery. The idea is whenever you make any change to your software, there is a continuos integration environment that checks… Read more »

Ruby gem to fetch information from gocd as rich models

What is GoCD? GoCD is a product built by ThoughtWorks to Automate and streamline your build-test-release cycle for reliable, continuous delivery of your product. You can read more about it here. Why this Gem? GoCD server provides some nice apis using which you can get the information about your builds, pipelines,… Read more »

apkToJava – Gem to convert apk file to java code

Hello Friends, Here I am with another cool ruby gem(apkToJava, github url) which will help you to improve your productivity while working on android project. This gem can convert apk file to java code and open it in a friendly GUI. Steps followed to convert apk file to java code… Read more »

MediaMagic: Convert any media file into encoded string or vice-versa

This gem is  written with the intention of converting any kind of file into encoded string or vice versa. The code is available on github. Possible use cases: Store an image in database Store a video in database Store an audio in database(In short you can store *.* file in… Read more »

Closure in Ruby

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What is Closure? A closure is a function or a method or a block in case of ruby which has an environment/scope of its own and that environment/scope can have local variables, bindings which can be used at the place where that function is getting executed. What is closure in ruby? In… Read more »

nokogiri ERROR Failed to build gem native extension on MAC

During bundle install, a lot of time we use to get following error because of nokogiri gem. This error generally occur on MAC OSX. There are few other gems as well which throw the same error like pg, rmagic etc. But the way we resolve this problem is same for most… Read more »