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Hi, I am Ajit Singh, author of I work on a lot of different technologies and tools. I started my career as a software engineer in Chennai (India) and recently I moved to Gurgaon near to my home town. I like reading and writing about technology.

Junit Rules

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There has been a lot of confusion when it comes to Junit Rules. People hardly use it or avoid using it without knowing its essence. This article will cover the power of junit rules and how to implement them. Also we will see whats the benefits of using junit rules… Read more »

What happens when android screen rotates?

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Rotating the android device changes the device configuration. Android replaces the current resources with the best suited resources for that screen orientation. Thats why when we add a resource in android we add different versions of that resource. For example an image can be added in four formats(hdpi, mdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi). The… Read more »

Android Instrumentation Testing Using Espresso

Hello Folks, This is my second article on Android Instrumentation testing. My previous instrumentation testing article was about testing a list view with core instrumentation (without any external library or framework). In this I am going to discuss the Espresso framework which I use for android instrumentation testing. I have also recored… Read more »

MVP in android

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Hello Folks, In this article we will discuss what is MVP in android and how we can use it to make our code better organised and unit/integration tested (video series on android instrumentation testing). There are mainly three components involved in MVP pattern Model, View and Presenter. Lets discuss about… Read more »